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It is said that when he was a missionary in Ireland, St Patrick was challenged by the pagans to explain the concept of the Trinity. As a former slave-shepherd in that same country, he did the unexpected — he reached down and plucked a shamrock leaf. Standing back up, he then asked: “Is this one leaf, or three? If one leaf, then why are there three lobes of equal size? If three leaves, then why is there just one stem? If you cannot explain so simple a mystery as the shamrock, how can you hope to understand one so profound as the Holy Trinity?” (Rose Publishing, The Trinity)

And that, according to the story, is how the shamrock leaf became the symbol of Christian Ireland.

“May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.” 2 Corinthians 13:14

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The Shamrock Principle

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Remembering God’s Gift of Love Towards Us This Season

“For God so loved the world that he gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

John 3:16

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Healthy Eating

This month we are focusing on healthy eating in our science unit. We have learned about the food groups, recommended daily allowances for those food groups, and have discussed the need for our bodies to be taken care of. We also focused on propaganda and how advertisements affect our food choices. The students work in pairs to create posters of their own advertisements, to encourage healthy eating habits. I am pleased to announce that I have seen changes in my students eating habits. They are making wiser food choices and those that didn’t eat breakfast are trying to since they understood the importance of starting the day right and the need for energy that we get from our breakfast.

Mrs. Ruiz

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We have just started working on geometry, which the students are very excited about. The students love the idea that God has assembled and designed the world using geometry, and that studying geometry gives us insight into God’s orderly yet creative mind. Over the next several weeks, students will work on an art project that will require them to use foundational geometric concepts like symmetry and angle measurement.

Mrs. Roh

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Laws of Motion

Students did a lab on the Third Law of Motion by creating rockets. They were in groups and measured the distance and speed of balloons inflated with air. The balloons were released from one end to another with string and a straw. Students were able to predict and record results. They hypothesized what would happen if the balloon traveled at different lengths and angles.

Mrs. Christian

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Hard work pays off

Students worked hard on their dance routines – section by section. The students had to learn a lot of new steps. They learned how to do leg swipes, pop and lock and moves with partners, feet gliding and flag routines. The students chose to also come on Thursday afterschool to work on their dance routines. Great job!

Mrs. Rosario

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Do Wait

The song they danced to was Do Wait. This group worked really hard as there were very challenging dance steps and they had to work with partners. These students even practiced after school just to get a dance step or to learn the moves. There were about 27 students in the group. The challenge was that they had to learn how to move as a group and use the flags. It’s not that easy to throw a flag up in the air and catch it without dropping it on the floor.

Mr. Rosario

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4th grade has continued to listen to parts of our book, Ideas that Changed the World. Our students love technology so they are amazed to hear how inventions like the computer and the cell phone emerged and have become so popular and necessary to our everyday lives.

Mrs. Ruiz

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