Evangel Christian School is extremely proud of our graduates. We are a college preparatory school in every sense of the term in that our graduates go on to attend institutes of higher education.

Our graduates have attended numerous illustrious universities, including but not limited to: New York University, Columbia University, Baruch College, Fordham Prep, Seaton Hall University, John Jay College, Pratt University, City University of NY, Delaware College of Art and Design, City College of NY, Cornell University, Hunter College, Queens College, Manhattan College, M.I.T. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Berkley College of Music,University, Long Island University, Savannah College of Art and Design, SUNY Binghamton, Liberty University, Pennsicola College, Nyack College, SUNY Brockport, Pratt University, SUNY Empire State, St. John’s University, SUNY at Potsdam, SUNY at Brockport, The King’s College, Houghton College, Geneva College, Stonybrook University. Many of our students have received full or partial scholarships.

Our alumni shine where they are, and are spreading the Good News of Christ around the nation and the world – they are “impacting their world for Christ”.

If you are an Evangel alumnus please update your information (click here). This will also allow us to let you know about upcoming events.


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We would like to congratulate Alexis Versoza – 2010 8th grade graduate – for achieving 2nd Honors at Xavier High School. To get this honor he had to have an average of 85 or higher in all of his classes. Great job Alexis!

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Honor Roll

Congratulations to Alexis Versoza for earning 2nd Honors at Xavier High School.  In order to receive 2nd Honors you must earn an 85 or above in all of your classes. Alexis graduated from Evangel Middle School in 2010.  Way to go Alexis!!

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Click here For Pictures from the Banquet

Fifty Four alumni attended our 1st Alumni Reunion Luncheon on Saturday, June 7 at 11:30. We also welcomed the following teachers who came to greet their former students: John Coymen, Chris and Sharon White, Jeff Querfeld, Yvette Jimenez, Mary Kemp, Michele Mena, Mary Carey, Jennifer Stahler, Isabel Rosario, Maria Wong and Vikki Kemp.

The theme for the luncheon was “Bloom where you are planted” reminding each of us that God can used us where He has placed us – whether it is in a college classroom or in the working world or in our own families.

Pictures were posted of each graduating class to be a reminder of those days at ECS. Following a delicious Italian feast, Miss Johansson reminded everyone of Evangel’s development from the first day ECS opened in September 1985. Michael Russo was recognized as being an alumni that was a student in Kindergarten the first day the school opened. Carolyn Marko, ECS Principal, brought us up to date with the present happening at Evangel. A power point presentation was shown of Evangel Christian School today. Pastor Johansson shared his vision for the future of ECS.

Pictures were taken during the luncheon and a special group picture at the end of the luncheon. A number of the alumni e-mailed or called me to say that they would have like to come but previous commitments for the day may it impossible. We are already looking forward to our Second Alumni Reunion to be held Saturday, June 6, 2009 –SAVE THE DATE.

The following alumni were present:
(If you name is not here, we missed you and hope you can join us next year.)

Eighth Grade Graduations:
1991 – Joshua Fuentes, Raymond Gonzalez
1994 – Michael Russo
1995 – Jeanine (Salaman) Colon, Jillian Stevens, Jennifer Vinces
1996 – Christine Jadeja, Juan Salaman
1997 – Susanne Vera
1998 – Joy Clifton, Omar Gonzalez, Gysania (Pena) Nunez, Che Williams
1999 – Yanira Roman
2000 – Damara Gonzalez, Andrew Marko, Chris Wong
2001 -Christian Garzaro, Theresa Hinton, Andrew Santana, Diana Ulmeanu
2002 – Mehwish Chughtai, Nathan Correa, Ian Kemp, Elizabeth Logue, Amanda Moscoso, Isaiah Negron, Andrew Ojobi, Nifesimi Olojede, Sasha Pena, Crystal Sessoms, Kenya Suero, Jasmine Tate, Jennifer Timmes, Rachel Zelenak
2003- Christyn Basiao, Maribel Contreras, Christian Hinton, Rhett Lowe, Joshua Roman, Sharon Singh, Nthaniel Taft, Christine Tecson

High School Graduations
2004- Andrew Marko, Chris Wong
2005- Oscar Correa, Gabriela Garcia, Christian Garzaro, Adam Hernandez, Theresa Hinton, Peter Mitchell, Diego Reinoso, Andrew Santana, Billy Timm
2006- Elaine Lee, Joseph Snape, Kenya Suero
2007 – Jaton Brady, Samuel Grey, Christian Hinton, Rhett Lowe, Joshua Roman, Sharon Singh, Christian Tecson, Amy Vega

We apologize if you were at the luncheon and your name has been left off. Please E-mail us at info@ecsnyc.org and we will correct the list.

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For the following alumni, we don’t have a correct address or E-mail address. If you are in contact with any one of them, we would appreciate it if you could help us with an updated address or E-mail address.If your name is not on the list below and you are not getting mail from ECS, we have a wrong address for you. Please update us on your present address.

Eighth Grade
1991 – Joii Byrd, Diana Cortes, Cinthia Daruich, Alexander Misteroni, Timothy Rivera
1992 – Jesse Delgado
1993 – Graham Borden, Jose DelaCruz, Stephen Gutierrez, Daniel Pabon, Roberto Rosario, Michael Singh, Andrew Thomson, Eileen Velazquez, Charlene Woodson, Celina Zapata
1994 – Veronica Agudelo, Jennifer (Lehman) Delgado, Marisol Maldonado, Jairo Montoyo, Rashid Raza, Franchesca Ruiz
1995 – Jenelle Lehman, Millie Troche
1996 – Sarah Banuchi, Sylvana Chanquin, Leonard Cruz, Fatima Lopez, Myisha Miller, Jason Randall, Jean Sanchez
1997 – Amy Banuchi, Candice Dock, Kathy Lima, Scott Troublefeld
1998 – Annie Gordello
1999 – Fernando Bogle, Angelina Figueroa, Matthew Herrera, Jade Hurtado, Valentino Nieves, Elizabeth Wagoner
2000 – Andrea Estay
2001 – Johanna Diaz, Christian Fiorvante
2002 – Marlon Caballero, Christina Cho, Alfredo Feliciano, Sidney Harris, Maryana Vasconcellos
2003 – Saralynn Zabala

High School
2003 – Maxine Pollonais
2005 – Leighann Murray
2006 – Nicole Rodriguez, Erica Velez

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