Students from grades 3 through 12 are awarded Honor Roll certificates based on their report card grades each marking period. Principal’s List: 96% average or higher with no grade below a 90; High Honor Roll: 93% average or higher with no grades below a B; Honor Roll: 85% average or higher with no grade below a B; Honorable Mention: 80% average or higher with no failing grades. Congratulations to the following students who achieved Honor Roll status this quarter.

Principal’s List

3rd Grade: Jordan Douglas
4th Grade: Gabriel Chaira, Jeremias Martinez
5th Grade: Ana Macedo
6th Grade: Gabriel Bezerra, Christopher Gallardo, Josh Laureta
7th Grade: Naomi Burson, Simar Kaur, James Roberts, Jr., Ismael Ruiz
8th Grade: Sarah Joy Gallardo
10th Grade: Hannah Bonifas, Jacky Chen, Adam Darwish, Zhong Wei Fang, Youlan Ji, Hosanna Martin, Hyunbin Park, Amber Reyes, Eduardo ShamLuo, Miguel Tifa, Wenyu You
11th Grade: Sungmin Bae, Adrian Ego-Aguirre, Dongkyu Kim, Giho Kim, Bin Lin, Dahae Park, In Kuk Son, Uyen Tran
12th Grade: Gabriel Agosto, Han Dao, Ian Favilla, Myung Sang Lee, Dung Mai, Tam Phuong

High Honor Roll

3rd Grade: Julian Brisbon, Deborah Cabrera, Abigail Daniels, Olivia Fulton, Jasiah Granizo, Xavier Henderson, Esther Magana, Simon Nakamura, Mikayla Oke, Marcos Pares, Robert Phelps, Sabrina Rivera, Kevin Rodrigues, Amani Sloley, Joshua Smith, Chloe Tagle
4th Grade: Nora Singh, Eduardo Villarreal
6th Grade: Jack Yauri
7th Grade: Johan Moen, Ava Reyes, Ashley Torres
8th Grade: Andrew Dixon, Christian Pascal
9th Grade: Haoran Weng
10th Grade: Jonathan Cortes, Kisel Espinal, Laura Guziczek, Susana Viera, Silian Zhao
11th Grade: Junyao Cao, Donghui Gao, Kira Greene, Jenine Hinds, Siyoung Kim, Chanyoung Lee, Shihui Qu, Liz Seri, Ruth Snape, Sisi Zhang
12th Grade: Hikaru Amano, Yee Rim Choi, Serenity Colon, Nadya Gutierrez, Nhi Phan, Wooseok Seo, Haowen Tan, Heewon Yoo

Honor Roll

3rd Grade: Isaiah Beckles, Nouonkpe Dabire, Jasmine Fredrick, David Kalaam, Nathaly Lara, Christina Ramdeo
4th Grade: Isaac Contreras
5th Grade: David Daniels, Michael Hooper, Rachel Lowe, Hudson Podvin
6th Grade: Daniel Barraza, Khrystaliah Hernandez, Makhayla Pean, Micahael Samuel, Michah Samuel, Elijah Wall
7th Grade: Tamyra Birt, Nicole Bohojorge, Xianghui Chen, Kenya McBride, Jocelyn Pizarro, Maya Skipper
8th Grade: Dalton Chick Penland, Karol Garofalo, Priscilla Reyes, Jiaxun Yao, Hongwoo Yoon
9th Grade: Aidan Claudio, Wilbert Disla, Isadora Macedo, Aaron Matos, Brian Poonai, Deborah Salinas
10th Grade: Edgar Frias, Ruijie He, Jonathan Lara, Jorge Ruiz, Hillary Safadi-cedeno, Ruiyu Zhang
11th Grade: Lily Copley, Xinyu Guan, Kimberly Guerrero, Zhi Qing Huang, Isaiah Johnson, Jhon Kim Kim, Zhane Lamb, Yi Lin, Liwen Ming, Tiffany Pardo, Luz Pastuizaca, Denise Pereyra, Shiying Qu, Marcos Su, Priscilla Villalongo, Hongjae Yoon, Dongri Yuan, Lun Zhou
12th Grade: Chunran Chen, Zhizheng Fu, Maribel Garcia, Eythan Miller, Jimmy Mondal, Nicholas Reyes, Christian Vicuna, Haifan Wang, Milana Yusupova

Honorable Mention

3rd Grade: Mareli Bernard
4th Grade: Joshua Cabrera, Jameer Fredrick, Sungwon Jung, Justin Melendez, Marilyn Sanchez, Bryant Streber Toledo, Ethan Velasquez Santa
5th Grade: Anita Andrade, Ella Burson, Angelina Feliciano, Veronica Glover, Marlyne Gonzalez, Christopher Lum, Nicholas Singh, Jack Tesconi
6th Grade: Jaleska Batista, Isabel Doman, Linda Hinton, Xinci Ma, Genesis Monegro, Tianyu Zhu
7th Grade: Ana Bhattacharjee, Jayden Falconi, Christina Hernandez, William Hogan, Stephen Kemp, Sebastian Romero Zuluaga, Richardo Streber Toledo
8th Grade: Hanzhong Cao, Jadelyn Carrion, Lydia Colon, Madeline Duran, Maya Gibbs, Andrew Jean-Pierre, Brianna Matias, Nicole Medina, Sebastian Ramos, Justin Rubio, Chenyi Shi, Selma Tamay, Tramell Thompson, Elliebeth Toro, Savannah Vanderpool, Kristie Vera, Lenin Xavier Xie Zhu, Ying Zhou
9th Grade: Rachel Barreto, Luz Batista, Tiffany Batista, Zhenyu Chen, Minhyeok Choi, Kasey Diaz, Gabriela Escamilla, Gabriel Fanelli, Jaymie Franco, Edferson Gernier, Wenze Han, Yi Hu, Joshua Lowe, Joshua Macio, Amanda Medina, Julia Moises, Linh Nguyen, Christian Nunez, Terrin Regis, Rebecca Soverall, Shizuka Takahashi, Angelo Toro, Shengcheng Wang, Pema Yuelden
10th Grade: Richard Aguirre, Julian Diaz, Binhao Du, Michael Gibbs, Jasmine Gonzalez, Jingning He, Ziyuan Kang, Yilei Li, Sage Manners, Siqing Mao, Brenda Matias, Hunter Maulella, Wenyue Pan, Guanhua Peng, Vanessa Rojas, Lana Vecino, Ruth Vincent, Phantira Vivattanassinchai, Sheng-Mu Wang, Xuchen Wang, Kaidi Wu, Ling Xu, Lingli Zhang, Yingyu Diana Zhengli
11th Grade: Rachel Bou, Wenquan Chen, Ryan Darwish, Jia Hao Dong, Tiara Hoover, Asa Hunte, Minseok Kim, Ziqing Lin, Jordan Pierre, Jocelyn Ramos, Joshua Romain, Walter Toro, Runfeng Wang, Yunming Wang, Yunshu Wei, Jincheng Xu, Miao Zhao
12th Grade: Briana Castro, Vy Dao, Christopher Heras Moreano, James Hinton, Cheng Cheng Huang, Minji Kim, Abigail Lema, Isaac Padilla, Joshua Pascual, Khananat Phuangkrad, Megan Rivera, Malachi Simmons, Jinqiu Tang, Yifan Xu, Shibo Zhou

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Pre-K 3 had a wonderful year this year as they explored a world of numbers and letters, discovered creations of land and sea, and experimented with colors all found in the rainbow. Pre-K 3 has created many memories to take along with them as they grow into little leaders for Evangel Christian school. I have seen my little ones grow into unique individuals all with a different character and story to tell. I will hold on to many stories of celebrating holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. Some other memories include taking a trip to the Queens Farm to go pumpkin picking and celebrating our annual Fairytale Month. We took many adventures learning about some great classic stories such as Jack and the Beanstalk, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Rapunzel. Our Animal Masquerade was quite the hit as we ended the year with our moving up celebration with a big roar of pride! I am thankful for a very fun-filled and educational year. I can celebrate as well in my students’ achievements as half the class can write their full name and the rest can write at least a few letters of their name. We achieved many great goals in math standards and drew closer to God as we learned about prayer and the bible. This will definitely be a treasured memory that we will take with us wherever we go.
Ms. Aponte and Ms. Wilson

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These are the words coming out of my kindergarten students. They have had an awesome year full of learning, laughs and excitement. I am very proud of the Kindergarten students. They have grown not only academically but also spiritually and in stature. The last couple of months have been full fun and many learning experiences. The kids were able to go on their graduation trip to Bounce U where they shared laughs together with their family and friends. We also had our last publishing party where the kids shared their last pieces of writing; the theme was dialogues. I’m very happy for all the support that I received from the parents as they came month after month to listen to their kid’s stories.
I want to thank every student and parent. I have enjoyed having each of them in my class. I have learned many things from them and I will miss them very much.
Congratulations graduating class of 2015
Mrs. Torres

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This year in 4th Grade we studied the Butterfly life cycle, using live butterflies. Students were able to observe them in their caterpillar, eating and growing phase (The Hungry Caterpillar was so true). See them forming into a chrysalis (where the true metamorphosis takes place). Finally, watching them emerge as a beautiful Painted Lady adult butterfly. After more careful observation we released them, and stood spellbound as they soared into the sky. When we returned to the classroom we then made a Writing-Science Connection, by writing poems about the butterflies’ life cycle that had to include at least 2 stages.
Miss Laforest

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The fifth grade was quite busy this year. In science we created our own ecosystems, which included fish, snails, and aquatic plants. In math, we overcame our fear of fractions. We added, subtracted, multiplied, divided, and compared fractions. We became actors in Social Studies, reenacting various independence movements, including the United States and Mexico. Finally, the highlight of our year, outside the scope of academics, was the senior trip to Club Getaway. To award the graduating class for all their hard work, we spent a day at the outdoor adventure park set in Kent, CT. The students proved to be skilled archers, rock climbers, acrobats, zip-liners, and dancers!
Mr. Ortiz

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This month our second graders are learning about ants. They are quite fascinated by them. They immediately noticed how the ants worked together to make tunnels in their ant house. They commented on how quickly the work gets done when the ants work as a team. They also appreciate the fact that ants are strong because they eat their vegetables. No wonder the word of God considers ants as wise creatures in Proverbs 30:24-25 when it says, “Four things on earth are small, yet they are extremely wise: Ants are creatures of little strength, yet they store up their food in the summer;” Our students now know that no matter how small we are God has provided us with unique abilities and talents.
Mrs. Boodram

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As the academic school year comes to an end, we cannot help but look back and remember where we started and how far we have come. Our athletes started off the year ready to compete at the highest level of competition offered by the PSAA (Private School Athletic Association). Through hard work, dedication, and hours spent in the gym practicing, our teams were not only able to win games but became better players, teammates, and leaders. Winning games should always be a goal, but the amount of games won should never determine the success of a season. I am proud of all our student athletes. They have worked tirelessly at their craft and gave everything without asking anything. It was truly an honor to be part of your lives.
Coach Wong

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The high light of the year was the dance elective for the fall/spring program. The students worked hard on their dance routine. The students started by warming up, stretching, and then working on their movements either individually or with their partner. The students learned sign language, flags, streamers and acrobat. They worked in partners, solos, and duets in these dances. Also, different types of dance moves in those routine like, hip-hop, salsa, house, ballet, b-boying or b-girling. The main thing is they had fun. They enjoy it and it ministers to them, so the students can minister to God and the audience.
Ms. Rosario

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Middle school was a very busy year. We have done many things like exploring the human body, experimenting with fire and chemicals, and building chromosomes from scratch. We have learned about the different biomes that make the world. Weather patterns were covered extensively. The rock cycle was covered in detail. Glowers growing and babies developing were covered also. This year was a great year with many of the students growing greatly in the knowledge of science.
Mr. Penland

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This year in 10th and 11th grade Bible, we were able to truly dig into the word of God. Most importantly we learned that God’s word is alive and He is still speaking to us and has a purpose for our lives.
Mr. Diaz

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