High School Feast

The high school feast was filled with so many different types of food.  It was great and the students loved it.  Even before the feast started, the cooking elective worked hard to help get all the dishes set up.  The students of course, ate a lot of food and then they played games, heard from our student government, and competed in contests. They had a great time competing with each other but it seemed the best part of the day was dessert time.  What is a feast without dessert?  There was so much dessert on the table, they could have each had an entire plate full.  Thankfully, they shared with their teachers.  The feast was very memorable and a favorite time of year here at ECS.

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Spring Celebration

Singing…..Dancing…..Drama……Poetry…….Worship……Fashion Show………..Flags……..and using our talents to honor the Lord. Our Spring Celebration was an amazing time and our student worked so very hard. Tuesday, May 22nd will be an evening to remember! A bid Thank You to all those who made this evening so very special.


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High School Christmas Program:

“The Colors of Christmas” was a new direction this year for our high school.  Students were able to see that each color had a meaning that illustrated God’s love and mercy on us as He sent His son to be born and one day die for us. The poems and testimonies that were shared by our high school brought about the true meaning of the season. God is using our students to spread the gospel literally around the world.

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Middle School Christmas Program:

Our middle school shared “Celebrate the Day” in their annual Christmas program.  Many students wrote poems and essays to share what it means to celebrate the day that Jesus Christ was born.  The songs and dramas were great portrayals of why we celebrate Christmas.  The middle school students were such a blessing to parents and the community.

Elementary Christmas Program:

“A King is Coming to Town” was a great story of our Savior coming to this earth which our elementary students shared for their Christmas program this year.  It was a great journey as students looked at various kings, such as, King Tut, Elvis, The King of the Jungle and more on their discovery to realize that Jesus is the true King of Kings that came to this earth for us and is still alive today.

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Harvest Fair

The Elementary School had a day filled with fun and adventure for our Harvest Fair!  Students came to school dressed as Cowboys, Indians, Turkeys, etc… During the day each class went to the gymnasium to play a myriad of games for which they won tickets and then used those tickets to buy prizes. t was a day filled with Thanksgiving!

All News Below Is From The 2009-2010 School Year!

Spring Celebration


Celebrating God’s Goodness

This year’s Spring Celebration took place on Monday, May24th and was a mixture of Elementary, Middle and High School students. Students performed skits, dramas, songs, and dances unto the Lord. What a great celebration it was and everyone was blessed – even the performers. Thanks to all for working so hard and glorifying God with the use of our talents.

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Elementary Christmas Program 09

Elementary Christmas Program 09 002

Christmas Around The World

What a wonderful evening was had by all as we celebrated our Savior’s birth! On Friday, December 11th our Elementary School celebrated Christmas Around the World. Songs were sung from different countries and children spoke about the way Christmas is celebrated in places other than America, such as Ireland, Brazil, etc.

Each grade had a special part to play and our Elementary Electives came through with “shining colors”. Our Dance Team danced to “Lord, I Lift Your Name on High”. The children did a great job and it was a beautiful dance. Our Drama Team took care of all of the narration! Way to go guys! Our Junior Chorus sang”This Little Light of Mine” and “Spread a Little Love”.

Elementary Christmas Program 09 042pk

This was an awesome way to celebrate our Savior’s birth. Thanks for all who helped to make this a wonderful evening.

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Elementary Christmas Program 09 032 danbn

High School Feast

The High School Feast was a blast! Our highschool students brought in a tremendous of amount of food. We had pasta, turkey, rice, salad and every desert you can possibly imagine. Some students participated in the talent portion of the event. We had students rap, sing, dance, play piano, guitar and act in a skit. We also had some our teacher’s share. Mrs. Lapp played the flute and towards the close of the event and Mr. Ham shared a Word of Encouragement to the students. It was a wonderful day of thanksgiving.
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Harvest Fair 109

Harvest Fun Fair

This year’s Elementary School’s Harvest Fun Fair was a blast! Students dressed up as Pilgrims, Indians, and Turkeys – talk about cute!!!!!!!! The children also had an opportunity to play several games, such as Tic Tac Toe Ring Toss, Turkey in the Straw and Roll The Gourd. Our Elementary School students were able to work on Pilgrim and Indian crafts, as well as getting their face painted by our talented National Honor Society students. The day ended with each student receiving a bag full of candy. A perfect ending to a perfect day!

Harvest Fair 050

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All News Below Is From The 2008-2009 School Year

Through the Eyes of the Friendly Beasts

Elementary School’s Christmas Program took place on Friday, December 12, 2008 – “Through the Eyes of the Friendly Beasts”. Third through fifth grade elective classes performed the drama, dance and chorus part of the program. Pre-school were dressed up as the world’s cutest angels. Kindergartners were the kings and brought gifts to Baby Jesus. First and second graders were shepherds out in the fields keeping watch over their flocks.

This program had us view the Christmas Story through the eyes of the animals that were present that Holy Night. The Sanctuary was filled with parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and many friends. Over 700 were in attendance.

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Thanksgiving Feasts


During Thanksgiving week our school had many celebrations that included food and lots of fun. Fourth and Fifth grade had truly traditional Feasts. Students dressed as Pilgrims and Indians, gave thanks, and ate lots and lots of yummy food. Middle School and High School had huge feasts in the Fellowship Hall. There was a bounty of food, talent, and giving of thanks to the Lord for His many blessings. A great time was had by all. Make sure to “check out” galleries for lots of great pics.

Middle School Christmas Program

Our Middle School Program called “Love, Joy and Peace” took place on Monday, December 15, 1008 from 7:00pm to 8:30pm. What an awesome time we had.Jesus was honored in many ways on Monday night. Traditional Christmas Carols lifted His Name. Poems about love, joy and peace were written by Middle Schoolers and read during the program. There was an extremely touching drama performed about to the song “Agnus Dei”. The students worked hard and God was glorified and lifted up.

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All news below is from the 2007-2008 school year.

Spring Celebration

The Elementary school did a fantastic job in ministering at Evangel Church this past May. They sang worship sons like “Praise Adonai” and “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands”. Pre-K 4 gave the congregation a special treat by singing a dinosaur song. Each student wore a handmade dinosaur hat and displayed dinosaur cut outs they painted during class. Upper elementary students gave an amazing dance performance to “Shout to the Lord”. The Junior Chorus sang “Incessentently” lead by two soloists, Chantel Eaddy and Astroy Semple. The drama team put on a fantastic performance of “Cedric the Centipede” which focused on the importance of every member and function of the body of Christ. Mrs. Torres

Baby Jesus We Love You

Elementary School’s Christmas Program took place on Friday, December 14th and what an adorable program it was. “Baby Jesus, We Love You” rang out as 1st and 2nd grade sang their song dressed as shepherds and stable animals. Third through fifth grade did a fantastic job of learning their lines and singing their songs. PreK were dressed as the cutest little angels and kindergarten carried their gifts to the Baby King. We had a wonderful evening with over 500 in attendance.

Corrections from Program bulletin: Wise Man-Christian Pascal; Cow-Rashad Jordan; Donkey-Isadora Macedo.

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