Middle school was a very busy year. We have done many things like exploring the human body, experimenting with fire and chemicals, and building chromosomes from scratch. We have learned about the different biomes that make the world. Weather patterns were covered extensively. The rock cycle was covered in detail. Glowers growing and babies developing were covered also. This year was a great year with many of the students growing greatly in the knowledge of science.
Mr. Penland

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Throughout the year, middle school has studied what the Bible teaches us about Christian living. 7th graders learned who Christ was according to the Gospel of John. Through Jesus’ life, ministry, death, and resurrection, John teaches us the purpose of Christ’s ministry for us today.
Mr. Herrera

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Middle School’s adventure this year in art was learning about and creating self portraits. They worked really hard on this assignment. We branched out after that and learned about the artist Frida Kahlo. She was considered a Surrealist painter who was married at one point to another artist by the name of Diego Rivera. They learned about other surrealistic artists and created their own surrealistic portrait using what they learned.
Mrs. Colon

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In the Resource Room students get extra academic support. IEP students get individualized and small group engagement to address educational challenges. This year in Resource Room we saw students in each grade improve in their subject classes. There were many success stories and students showed confidence in their academic abilities.
Ms. Neal

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Middle School ELA consists of reading, writing, and discussion, as pertains to the four novels covered throughout the school year in each grade. Students participated in read-alouds, group discussions, writing essays, developing imaginary characters for short stories, and various grammar activities. In addition, this year, 7th and 8th grade students were challenged to create skits based on themes that appeared in their novels, while 6th grade students were challenged to create posters to advertise their themes.
Miss Durant

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These are the first three years of introductory classes to the Spanish language and Hispanic culture. Students learned the foundations of Spanish, with the goal of achieving an entry-level of proficiency by the end of the year.
These Spanish classes focused on the following four skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Specifically, this entailed reading and practicing/studying vocabulary and verb conjugations. Class time was used to engage skills such as situation dialogues; mini-skits; group work; conversations with classmates and teacher.
It was great to see creativity spark in the classroom when the students were given a task to complete within a group. Students succeeded completing the tasks and combining their originality with each other.
Mrs. Haughton

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Our middle school was diligent with the implementing of common core curriculum. Our students were challenged and had the opportunity to solve problems within pairs and groups. Middle school created poems and mini posters for their favorite math topics learned throughout the year.
Mrs. Christian

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That’s Very Humerus

What a change in years. We changed to Bob Jones University curriculum this school year. Adjusting all the curriculum to the New York State standards was an interesting task that middle school students were able to adjust to very quickly. We had labs that we set things on fire. We had demonstrations where we lit a light bulb with two wires, one battery, and one light bulb. Some of the classes even used HCl (hydrochloric acid). Eighth grade also learned that diet Coke will float and regular Coke will sink. Seventh grade was always finding things humerus (play on the word humorous to be funny, this humerus is a bone in the body.) One of the most interesting things sixth grade learned was that an Orca whale eats polar bears. It was a great year, and I will miss the students not returning. Have a blessed summer.

Mr. Penland


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The students learned how to use Google Earth, G mail, Docs and MS Office including doing Excel graphics (data editing and manipulation)

Mr. B


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Amazing Grace

The last quarter has been a whirlwind of work winding down to when summer releases students back to their countries of origin.

In 7th, 8th, and 9th grades the students finished the nonfiction unit studying Amazing Grace, the True Story along with the lyrics to Amazing Grace. It was a creative way to use reading strategies to compare texts, learn new vocabulary, and explore changes in people as well as society. Students observed what happens historically when people give their hearts and lives over to God and become new creations and they gained a better understanding of the importance of sharing the testimonies of the dynamic lives of Godly men/women who change the world for good. After such an intense study we lightened up with descriptive writing about personal events such as the 8th grade trip to Dorney Park. Many students were able to not only use more sophisticated vocabulary than before, but also used descriptive metaphors to bring the reader into the experience.

Mrs. Kemp


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