Students have been learning the character trait of obedience. In the month prior we talked about honesty and listening to authority. This was a nice way to tie these three lessons together. The students learned the importance of obeying their parents but most of all obeying God.

Mr. Racoma

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After all the hard work the students did learning their dances, we decided to celebrate and have a party!

Mrs. Rosario

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Christmas Program

Besides doing the basic warm ups and stretching, the students also did pushups and sit ups to be ready for certain dance moves. They also learned to do cartwheels, the splits, and handstands. They worked in small groups and as a large group to learn various dance routines. For the Christmas program the song they danced to was Incredible. Other groups also danced to Joyful, Joyful, and Holy Visitation. They used both the big and little flags in their performances. It was powerful.

Mrs. Rosario

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“19 and Counting” The Duggars and Bontragers

We were so blessed to have THe Duggars visit our school on Monday, June 6th. They came with the Bontrager family and ministered to our students in song. The Bontragers are a very musical family and played many instruments for us…including the banjo! What a treeat! The Duggars not only shared music with us but Jim Bob and Michelle shared their testimony with our students. Their love for the Lord shone in all that they said and did. We are excited about the possiblity of them coming again next year.

See “Galleries” for some wonderful pictures!


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National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society

On Tuesday, May 31st, we conducted our national Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society Ceremony. This ceremony is beautiful as students carry during the processional and recessional. We are very proud to have inducted so many new new members to NHS and  NJHS. We welcomed back NHS and NJHS members from last year. Both Societies worked very hard on their service project, raising money through bake sales and other means.  Students were delighted to take what they had raised to the different institutions. What a blessing to be able to bless others. Please see Galleries for some great pictures of NHS and NJHS traveling to give what they had raised.

Here is a little history about the National Honor Society and the criteria for selection:

When the National Honor Society was founded in 1921, the hope was to create an organization that would recognize and encourage high school students’ academic achievement while developing other characteristics essential to citizens in a democracy.  The National Junior Honor Society was founded shortly thereafter-in 1929 to recognize middle school students in the same areas.  Now, over 80 years later, these Societies have become prestigious organizations with outstanding faculty members and students from the school community.  Their  reputation for excellence is the result of years of commitment on the part of everyone involved.  Membership is thus both an honor and a commitment.

The NHS and NJHS recognize outstanding high school and middle school students who demonstrate excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. The National Association of Secondary School Principals proudly sponsors these Societies.

For the selection of Members to the NHS and NJHS Chapters:

*   Members must maintain a cumulative overall 85% average or higher for two consecutive semesters with 80% as the lowest grade in all subjects.

*   Members must be in good behavioral standing.

*   Members must demonstrate outstanding performance in areas of scholarship, service, leadership and character.

*   The selection of each Member shall be reviewed and approved by the this School’s Administration and Faculty each school year.

Please click on the links below to view our NHS and NJHS Program.

2011 bulletin inside

2011 outside bulletin


Please go to “Galleries” for some wonderful piictures of this beautiful ceremony.

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Click on the link below for lots of info about our team!


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Students presented their own business or invention. The students presented technology inventions to help students with homework. They also came up with baking, dog training, and fashion businesses. Students then presented their business/invention as an advertisement for a commercial.

Mrs. Christian

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The students are going over dance routines, steps, and moves for the Christmas program. They are performing the song Incredible. We are looking forward to a great performance.

Mrs. Rosario

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We’ve begun reading the classic novel, Old Yeller. Just as Travis, the main character, eventually took a liking to this devoted dog, our students are falling in love with Old Yeller too. This beloved dog is taking us through a journey of humor and adventure.

Mrs. Foster

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